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Herrells Smoosh InHerrell’s Ice Cream offers a unique concept. Sure, these days everyone has gourmet ice cream, but at Herrell’s we know the best ice cream is handmade on the premises ice cream. Our product is fresh, rich and delicious, using only the finest ingredients to ensure a perfectly flavored ice cream.

The Smoosh-in,® a Herrell’s innovation, tantalizes its customers by allowing them to select their favorite flavor of ice cream and Smoosh-in® a variety of candies, nuts and cookies and top it with our award-winning hot fudge creating an infinite number of unique special flavor experiences. Then, the consumer enjoys their ice cream in an atmosphere which can only be described as playful and sophisticatedly childlike.

Your store walls will adorn entertaining and whimsical signs and posters. Perhaps a funhouse mirror to remind kids of all ages what fun can still be like. A step back in time remembering joyous and sensory-filled experiences to be savored and shared with friends and family alike.

From Smoosh-ins® to homemade hot fudge to real whipped cream to unsurpassed quality ice cream... Herrell’s Ice cream has gained a well deserved reputation for excellence.  We are the original and we’re still the best!

As the owner of a Herrell’s Ice Cream franchise, you will be backed by this excellent reputation.  You too will benefit from the realization of a dream come true.  Do you have the 'right stuff' to run your own Herrell's Ice Cream Shoppe?

Are you totally dedicated to providing the absolute best experience possible to your customers?

Is the relentless pursuit of perfection your mantra?


Herrell’s Ice Cream is proud to make our experience and expertise available to you through our Franchise Program. For details, please call Judy Herrell at (413) 517-0150.  Judy will gladly answer all your questions about how you can become the proud owner of your own Herrell's Ice Cream store.  You may also write her at Herrell’s Development Corportion, 8 Old South Street, Northampton, MA 01060, or email her.