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Since the proof of the ice cream is in the eating, Herrell’s Ice Cream will provide you with our absolutely best tasting, richest and creamiest ice cream recipes which have been perfected applying years of experience. During your training you will receive detailed instructions as well as hands-on experience making our award-winning ice cream, including thorough familiarization with all equipment.

How and where to order your inventory of perishable ingredients and supplies is crucial. During your pre-opening days in preparation for your opening, our staff will assist you in contacting various suppliers and in placing your initial orders.

Once you are in operation, a member of the franchise staff will visit you on a regular basis. Areas such as ice cream making, daily operations, expense analysis, staff evaluation and promotional ideas can be discussed.

The Herrell’s Ice Cream and Herrell’s Development staff is very supportive and is always only a phone call or e-mail away.

Site Selection
Herrell’s Ice Cream will provide you with invaluable assistance as you locate and secure a business site for your Herrell’s Ice Cream store.

We offer business advice regarding the economics of your store, such as rent per square foot, construction costs, logistics and visual aspects of the store in order to create the structure and function of the business, plus the appropriate ambience which is so important to the Herrell’s Ice Cream concept. We will provide assistance in the selection of potential designers and architects/builders who will work with you using our design models. Our experience helps you select a location available for your needs and helps you run your store smoothly and efficiently.