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Herrell’s Ice Cream requires each franchisee to successfully complete our comprehensive training program, which includes on-the-job training in our model training store. Equally as important is the training you will receive during the critical period just before and as your store opens.

Your training will include the following operational areas:

• All phases of manufacturing and handling of our quality ice cream
• Proper service of ice cream and all other menu items
• Customer care and relations
• Bookkeeping methods, including handling of cash and deposits, payroll, taxes, invoices, payments and royalty reports procedures, policies and advice for all phases of operations.
• Customer care and relations
• Personnel management, including hiring, training, scheduling, pay policies, discipline and good staff relations (good staff relations being the most critical part of your business)
• All daily operations procedures
• Analysis of income, pricing and expenses to help insure that your business is profitable
• Maintenance and upkeep of equipment
• Cleaning and sanitizing procedures

Each franchisee receives the Herrell’s Ice Cream Operations Manual containing detailed procedures, policies and advice for all phases of operations.

Our philosophy is two fold. First, the proof of the Chocolate Pudding ice cream is in the eating. How good does the ice cream taste? We think it is the best and are dedicated to preserving our high standard. Second, care for thy staff and they will help you care for your business! A happy staff member will cheerfully and actively offer great customer service to your customers. This will, in turn provide you with repeat and loyal customers.